Coming Soon

Features coming soon to SP Investigator:

  • Android support: We don’t intend to leave Android users out forever, so hopefully an Android version will be coming in the not-too-distance future, promise!
  • “Talker” evidence: Ask Spirit to speak through the selection of words in a built-in dictionary, and record whatever they have to say to you
  • Other modes for viewing the timeline: Rather than displaying evidence in a standard timeline, there will be the option to view grouped by Location. The location details screen will also display evidence associated with a specific location.
  • Premium Subscription:
    • This is the big one! With a Premium Subscription, your investigations will be stored in a database, ready to be synced across all your devices.
    • You will have the ability to invite other Premium Subscribers to join in your investigation, contributing evidence to an overall report.
    • Investigations website to access your investigations online

And more to come!

If you have any suggestions for future features, please email We can’t promise to include all ideas, but they will certainly be considered!