Why is SP Investigator requesting Location access?

Location access isn’t required for the app to work, however if it is enabled, the map for an investigation will automatically align to your current location when it’s created, saving you time looking it up. Additionally, the map can be moved to your location by clicking the bullseye icon on the map itself should it need to be updated.

Again, it’s not a necessity to enable this permission, it just makes your life easier.

This is all the permission is used for.

Why is SP Investigator requesting Camera and Microphone access?

To be able to record audio and videos, and to take photographs, you must allow the app access to the camera and microphone.

If you have accidentally denied permission when prompted, the app will let you know that you need to grant permission, and provide you with a button linking directly to the iPhone settings for the app where the permissions can be granted.

Why aren’t any media elements appearing in my report?

By default, the report settings are configured so that only media items (audio, video, photos) that have been favourited are exported to the report. This saves space in the document and ensures that only the most relevant items are output.

If you want to export all of the media, open the report settings and toggle the “Favourites Only” option(s) as required.

Why are my EMF readings going crazy?

The EMF meter in the app makes use of the iPhone’s built-in magnetometer, rather than being able to detect true EMF readings.

Because of this, it is recommended that the phone is placed on a flat surface prior to beginning an EMF session, and left to remain as still as possible to help prevent false positives.

Where does SP Investigator store my data?

In this current version, SP Investigator only stores your data directly on your phone.

Should you uninstall the app, or reset your phone, you will lose all of your data, so ensure that you have exported anything you wish to keep before doing so.

Future releases, particularly an upcoming Premium version, will also sync data with a database, allowing you to login and store your data so that it won’t be lost and you can login with multiple devices.

What are the minimum requirements for running SP Investigator?

To run SP Investigator, you need an iPhone running a minimum of iOS 17.0.

iPad and Android versions will hopefully arrive soon.