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About SP Investigator

The SP Investigator app

Although the SP Investigator app of course cannot guarantee that you will make contact with spirit during an investigation, it’s the ultimate tool for collecting and analysing any potential evidence.

Create a full timeline of evidence and produce a detailed report at the end. Current evidence types include:

  • Audio for EVP capture
  • Photos & Videos for any visual phenomena
  • EMF* recordings alongside optional audio
  • Manual temperature recordings
  • General comments and observations
  • Comments against evidence and individual items such as photos, videos and audio
Everything you can capture with the app

Evidence Types

The SP Investigator app lets you record multiple types of evidence, including:


Add photos in both portrait and landscape mode. Take a single photo, or 3 in quick succession with burst mode.


Add videos for audio-visual evidence. Playback directly within the app, or export to a desktop application for further analysis.

Audio for EVP

Record audio to attempt to capture EVPs. Playback from the app, increasing or decreasing the speed and/or volume and add markers at places where you think something may have been heard to allow further analysis.


Measure EMF*, recording a chart of spikes and optionally including audio to match up any spikes with specific things that have been said.

*Uses the phone’s magnetometer to simulate EMF


Add general comments / observations throughout the investigation to help maintain context for further analysis. All evidence can also have comments against it, and individual media items (audio, video, photo) can have comments against them too.


Manually record temperature readings throughout the investigation. Add a comment against the reading to give context for why / when it happened. Base readings can be taken and recorded at individual locations in the investigation to help analysis.

Need Help?

Check out the help pages and FAQs. If you’re still struggling, or have any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch at the email address below.

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